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Wired vs Wireless in Business: Why You Should Still Wire Up Your Office for Data.

Wired Connection: Benefits

A wired network obviously incorporates physical network into the data connection. The wires enable increased security, control, reliability, and speed. Using physical connections might not seem as advances as the wireless alternative, but it is the superior choice when your data is precious and confidential. If your business values security over hip trends in tech, a wired network is the obvious choice.

Hardwired connections are a type of network solution that will always be faster and more consistent than wireless connections. If you are connecting to a local database such as Quickbooks, an unstable wireless connection could adversely affect the performance of the software.

Keeping your network wired also ensures that the network won’t get bogged down with non-essential traffic. Unauthorized users can’t jump on your network, obviously increasing security. Additionally, those iPhones and tablets might make for a happier workforce. But is that because they are being more productive benefiting from the increased accessibility of a wireless network? Or, it is because they are browsing Amazon or Facebook while on the clock?

Wired Network Solutions
WiFi Network Solutions
Wireless Connection: Benefits

We all know that familiar feeling of waging war with a tangled mess of wires–which is where a wireless network solution comes in. The obvious benefits of a wireless network is the lack of physical wires! A wireless network is easy to use and accommodates changes in a network without cords and cables. Adding new desks and employees? A wireless network is the easiest logistical choice.

Additionally, with the total proliferation of mobile devices in our lives (the workplace included), a wireless network is easier for employees to connect their personal devices to the network. An easily accessible network is paramount when considering the happiness of an iPhone toting workforce.

Wired network vs. a Wi-Fi or wireless network? What is the best network solution?

Network Design and Support Services

Our team of experts can create a network design that will be most efficient for your company's workflow.

Enterprise WiFi

Enjoy a lightning-fast, reliable wifi signal that accommodates a greater quantity of users whether in expansive offices and corporate environments, hotels, and other multi-floor premises.

Wireless Network Design and Expansions

Need to expand your growing business's or home office's wifi? The SokoTek team is ready to upgrade your existing setup!

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