Cyber Security Services

  • 24/7 Monitoring 
  • Wireless Networks
  • Network Security 
    • Firewalls
    • IDS/IPS 
  • Endpoint Security (Computer Hardening) 
  • Disaster Recovery and Response
  • Compliance Auditing
  • Ransomware and Malware Protection and Response

Cyber security services- SOKOTEK
24/7 cyber security monitoring

24/7 Monitoring “Peace of Mind”

  • A company’s network is a vital part of its core business operations. Therefore it requires 24/7 monitoring to ensure that malicious activities are detected, reported and remediated. 
  • Using the latest Cyber Security tools, we are able to continuously monitor activities on your network to respond to threats using Automated response techniques.

Wireless Networks

  • Wireless Networks can be points of weakness for any company. Having strong Wireless security is vital to protecting your business. 
  • Configure your wireless network to meet the business needs. 
Network attack

Network Security

  • There is no all in one solution when it comes to Cyber security. Network security works as another layer of protection to ensure your critical devices are protected.

Endpoint Security

  • Improving the security on all the devices connected to your network is crucial in protecting your business. 
  • Just one device being infected can put the entire network in jeopardy. 
Disaster recovery and Response

Disaster Recovery and Response

  • Back ups allow for a business to safeguard their data in the event of a disaster. 
  • They can cut the time it takes your business to recover. 

Compliance Auditing

  • Different industries require compliance in different shapes and forms. 
  • With our tools it becomes simpler to automate compliance reports for your organization. 
Malware Detected Warning Screen with abstract binary code

Ransomware and Malware Protection and Response

  • Your network is always in danger of falling victim to a computer virus. 
  • Ransomware attacks have been increasing exponentially in the last two years and are more common to affect SMB’s who are more vulnerable.

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